A short update

Here is a short update of our progress.

Given our diverse field of studies we have divided the task of our project in 3 parts. So that the three following tasks can be worked on simultaneously.

1. Implement gesture recognition of the Kinect and add gesture command to the application.

2. Implement speech recognition and add voice command.

3. Drafting our storyboard for our final video presentation. And make necessary preparations for the principal photography.

Due to some unforeseen problems there is not much progress on the first part of our project. We hope to have a prototype in the following week. As for the second part we have a functioning prototype. Although there are some issues. So far the speech recognition has problems when there is too much background noise. The next step is to implement some rudimentary commands for the presentation software. The last part is coming quite nicely. We should have our first version of the storyboard ready for our presentation.

A short update

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